Supercritical Phase Shifter

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A Supercritical Phase Shifter is a multiblock structure that consumes large amount of energy and polonium gas to create antimatter gas, which can be crystallized into antimatter pellets. Antimatter pellets are used in a number of endgame recipes.


The structure is expensive to build, as each SPS Casing block requires 50,000 mB of processed nuclear waste (4 polonium pellets, 1 plutonium pellet) to craft. As such, the cheapest structure will maximize the amount of reactor glass used and minimize the amount of SPS Casing used.

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Video tutorial:

The video demonstrates that the number of SPS ports can be variable. The amount of antimatter per second scales with the amount of energy available. Using 21 creative energy cubes, a rate of 2 mB/s is achieved. This is likely not realistic in survival. Rates under 0.5 mB/s are common. Throughput may be the limiting factor.

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