Supercritical Phase Shifter

Supercritical Phase Shifter.png

A Supercritical Phase Shifter is a multiblock structure that consumes large amount of energy and polonium gas to create antimatter gas, which can be crystallized into antimatter pellets. Antimatter pellets are used in a number of endgame recipes.


The structure is expensive to build, as each SPS Casing block requires 50,000 mB of processed nuclear waste (4 polonium pellets, 1 plutonium pellet) to craft. As such, the cheapest structure will maximize the amount of reactor glass used and minimize the amount of SPS Casing used. The optimal minimal build consists of

60 SPS Casings
123 Reactor Glass or Structural Glass
3 SPS Ports
1 Supercharged Coil

For maximal production exchange one Reactor Glass for an additional SPS Port and a Supercharged Coil.

The frame of the Supercritical Phase Shifter must consist of SPS Casings. The sides, bottom and top can consist of either SPS Casings, Reactor Glass or SPS Ports. In order to insert energy through a port a Supercharged Coil has to be attached to the SPS Port on the inside of the construct. Each side, the bottom and the top will look like:

    o o o
  o x x x o
o x x x x x o
o x x x x x o
o x x x x x o
  o x x x o
    o o o

Where o is a frame and x is a side.

The amount of antimatter per second scales linear with the amount of energy available. The maximum conversion is 2.000 mB Polonium converted to 2 mB of Antimatter per Tick. The energy input needed for this is 800 MFE/t. Additional Energyinput will increase the energy consumption, but not the production of antimatter, therefor is not recommended. A maximum of 400 MFE/t can be inserted per SPS Port, therefor 2 Ports are needed for energy at most, but 1 is sufficent in most cases. todo: screenshots

Video tutorial:

The video demonstrates that the number of SPS ports can be variable.

Video Tutorials - EsquilãoBR Tutorial PT-BR

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