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Robit is Mekanism's mechanical companion. It can act as a crafting grid, a furnace, an anvil, a chest, or simply a cute little buddy. It is immune to fire, including the Flamethrower.

Crafting Recipe

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Energy Tablet +
Steel Ingot +
Atomic Alloy +
Refined Obsidian Ingot +
Personal Chest

Steel Ingot
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Robit
Energy Tablet Atomic Alloy Energy Tablet
Refined Obsidian Ingot Personal Chest Refined Obsidian Ingot


Robit on its Chargepad

To bring your personal robotic friend into the world, you'll have to craft it using the recipe above. Once Robit is in your inventory, right click a Chargepad with it in hand. This will spawn Robit and assign it to the pad. Oh, and make sure the Chargepad is supplied with power. Otherwise, he won't be able to follow you around!

If at any time you want to pick Robit up, simply shift right-click it with a Configurator.

Don't worry about losing your Robit as whenever it runs out of charge/health it will automatically teleport back to its charging pad. It does not have conventional health: instead, taking damage will deplete its charge. A fully charged Robit has an effective health of 100 or 50 hearts.

When the chargepad is broken, Robit will turn into an item to be picked up. It keeps its items but it may despawn if it's not picked up.


Robit v10 GUI.png

Right-click on Robit to open its UI. From here, you can access its different utilities, give it a custom name, or toggle its functions on and off. The buttons that control its functions are pretty self explanatory; "Follow" will make it follow you, "Pick Up Item Drop" will have it pick up anything you drop, etc.


Smelting one item costs 5kJ by default. Robit smelts at a fixed speed of 5 seconds per item.

Unlike the vanilla furnace, you can not place an item in the to-be-smelted slot if it can not be smelted.


Repairing/renaming works exactly like it does on a vanilla anvil, and does not cost any energy.


  • When the player gets too far away, it will teleport to them like any other companion mob. Robit will teleport with you even over large distances that would normally leave it unloaded. This however does not include on the death of the player: prepare accordingly if you may go far from your spawn with a Robit.
  • The Robit has many alternate skins, including displays of various pride flags on its tractors. Be proud of who you are!
    • Completing the achievement [You've Got a Friend in Me] (having an allay deliver an item to you) will unlock another skin, dressing up the Robit as an allay with green eyes.
  • The Robit can have a name of up to 12 letters, unlike vanilla mobs. However, this is bypassed if you name it using a name tag (by sneak right-clicking), allowing you a name up to vanilla's rename limits (50 characters).

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