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Robit is Mekanism's mechanical companion. He can act as a crafting grid, a furnace, an anvil, a chest, or simply a cute little buddy.

Crafting Recipe

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Energy Tablet +
Steel Ingot +
Atomic Alloy +
Refined Obsidian Ingot +
Electric Chest

Steel Ingot
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Robit
Energy Tablet Atomic Alloy Energy Tablet
Refined Obsidian Ingot Electric Chest Refined Obsidian Ingot


Robit on his Chargepad

To bring your personal robotic friend into the world, you'll have to craft him (or her) using the recipie above. Once Robit is in your inventory, right click a Chargepad with him in hand. This will spawn Robit and assign him to the pad. Oh, and make sure the Chargepad is supplied with power. Otherwise, he won't be able to follow you around!

If at any time you want to pick Robit up, simply shift right-click him with a Configurator.

Don't worry about losing your Robit as whenever it runs out of charge/health it will automatically teleport back to it's charging pad.


Robit's Main UI Screen

Right-click on Robit to open his UI. From here, you can access his different utilities, give him a custom name, or toggle his functions on and off. The buttons that control his functions are pretty self explanatory; "Follow" will make him follow you, "Pick Up Item Drop" will have him pick up anything you drop, etc.


  • Robit will not follow you when "Pick Up Item Drop" is set to "True". Setting it to "False" allows him to follow you again. (Applies to certain versions).
  • This may not be a bug, but when the Robit gets hurt in anyway (e.g. Punches, Falling, Fire, Drowning, etc.) he will stop working and you will have to reactivate him.


  • When the player gets too far away, it will teleport to them like any other companion mob. Though, there are some Limitations.
  • When "Pick-up Item Drop" is set to TRUE, the Robit will seek nearby dropped items and pick them up. (Applies to some versions).
  • When viewed with JEI or Damage Indicators, the Robit is shown as having 1 Health or Half-Heart. When hit, the Robit will "die" and stop working until picked up by the owner.
  • When the Robit "dies", an actual death message in chat appears.

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