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Heat Generator
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Heat Generator



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A Heat Generator converts heat energy into power. This is often the first generator to craft because, although it provides only a small amount of power, it is the only mekanism generator that does not require steel. The Heat Generator can generate power in both an active and a passive mode simultaneously. Since the Heat Generator outputs so little power and it is fairly inexpensive to create, it is common to have two or three generators constantly trickling power into one or more Energy Cubes. Regardless of its price, the player should look to upgrade as soon as possible, as its energy yield is far from enough to power even a few simple machines.

Active Power

The active mode of generation comes from loading combustible materials into the generator. They will be burned, and the heat will be converted to power at the rate of 4 kJ/s (200 J/t). All active power fuels generate power at the same rate, but higher tier fuels will burn for a longer time, producing more total power. If a lava bucket is fed into the Heat Generator, it will consume the lava, but return the bucket.

Passive Power

Passive power can be generated by placing the Heat Generator adjacent to a lava source or flowing lava. For each side that is next to lava, it will generate 600 J/s (30 J/t per side). If the generator is lavalogged, it counts as an extra side.

Three Heat Generators in a lava bath

Crafting Recipe

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Furnace +
Iron Ingot +
Any Wood Planks +
Copper Ingot +
Osmium Ingot

Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Heat Generator
Oak Wood PlanksSpruce Wood PlanksBirch Wood PlanksJungle Wood PlanksAcacia Wood PlanksDark Oak Wood Planks Osmium Ingot Oak Wood PlanksSpruce Wood PlanksBirch Wood PlanksJungle Wood PlanksAcacia Wood PlanksDark Oak Wood Planks
Copper Ingot Furnace Copper Ingot


Heat Generator interface

  1. Visual indicator of the fuel level (not used for passive power)
  2. Place fuels here. Buckets will not be consumed.
  3. Info Display: Internal storage, Fuel level (active fuels), Maximum output from the energy buffer
  4. Place chargeable items here
  5. Visual energy buffer level

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