Energy Unit Conversion

The Energy Unit Conversion describes the rate in which the 3 main energy units supported by Mekanism (EU, FE, J) can be converted.

  • 1 FE = 2.5 J = 0.25 EU
  • 0.4 FE = 1 J = 0.1 EU
  • 4 FE = 10 J = 1 EU

Note that RF is completely equivalent to FE.

Mekanism supports up to 2^64-1 or roughly 1.8x10^19 Joules of energy in any regular container. This would be displayed as 18 EFE in game (exa-FE).

The list of prefixes for energy, sorted by size from the smallest to largest, is :

f < p < n < µ < m < [nothing] < k < M < G < T < P < E < Z < Y

Where each level is 1000x bigger/smaller than the adjacent ones.

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