Portable Teleporter

Portable Teleporter
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Portable Teleporter








The Portable Teleporter is a player kept teleportation device. It can store power and like all Mekanism teleporters, energy drain increases with the distance the player teleports to. Right-clicking with this device in hand will open a GUI similar to that of the Teleporter Portal, allowing instant travel to any Teleporter Portals that the player has set up. The Portable Teleporter is capable of multidimensional travel.

Note that in order for the Portable Teleporter to be functional, the complete Teleporter Portal structure does not need to be built; only the Teleporter block must be present (and supplied with power).

Crafting Recipe

Energy Tablet
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Portable Teleporter
Basic Control Circuit Teleportation Core Basic Control Circuit

Energy Tablet


To use the teleporter, place a powered Teleporter block down, and assign a teleportation name. Next, open up your Portable Teleporter and Right-Click. Click the teleportation name, and then click set. Once that is done, open up your portable teleporter, click the name, and click Teleport.

This is the Portable Teleporter in action.

How to setup the Teleporter.
Teleporter in action.

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