Bio Fuel

Bio Fuel
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Bio Fuel







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Bio Fuel is added by Mekanism and is a type of fuel used inside of a Bio-Generator. Beyond that Bio Fuel is used in the Pressurized Reaction Chamber to create Ethylene.

It is very easy to obtain, so it is a good use for an early supply of energy. Any form of plant life can be turned into a bio fuel. Simple life such as seeds will produce 2 bio fuel, whereas more complex life such as pumpkins, melons, or potatoes will produce 4 bio fuel. To actually create it simply take your plant life and stick it into a powered Crusher. As of 9.3.4, melons and pumpkins are usable as plant matter, and will convert to 4 Bio-Fuel each. This means that melons are now the most efficient plant matter in crop to fuel ratio, and appear to be the most efficient plant overall.

Crushing Bio Fuel out of Wheat

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