Logistical Transporter

Logistical Transporter
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Logistical Transporter







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The Logistical Transporter is the basic item transport pipe for Mekanism logistics. With the Configurator the player can choose to "paint" the pipe with colors that can be detected by the pipe's color sorter by ⇧ Shift + right-clicking the center of a transporter with a Configurator.

It has 2 other cousins called the Diversion Transporter and the Restrictive Transporter.


The Logistical Transport is really handy when having to move items from one inventory block to the other (Such as moving Ingots from furnaces to Chests). In fact, the possibilites are endless when using these.

An example of a working Transporter with the use of a Basic Bin


The behavior of each of the transporter's connections can be changed by ⇧ Shift + right-clicking the end of a transporter with a Configurator:

  • normal—passive (default)
  • push—actively inserts items
  • pull—actively extracts items
  • none—disables connection

For a redstone-sensitive item transporter, use the Diversion Transporter instead.[1]

Crafting Recipe

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Basic Logistical Transporter8
Steel Ingot Basic Control Circuit Steel Ingot


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