Solar Neutron Activator

Solar Neutron Activator
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Solar Neutron Activator






Solar Neutron Activator GUI
The Solar Neutron Activator is a machine that, as of Mekanism v8, is only used to produce Tritium gas from Lithium gas. It does not require an external power source, but runs off of solar power from the solar panel included on the machine.

It accepts gases (Lithium gas) from the bottom, and outputs gases (Tritium) from the front. You can also use Gas Tanks to input or dispense gases.

It consumes one unit of Lithium and produces one unit of Tritium every six ticks.

Crafting Recipe

Reinforced Alloy HDPE Sheet Reinforced Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Solar Neutron Activator
Elite Control Circuit Steel Casing Elite Control Circuit
Bronze Ingot Bronze Ingot Bronze Ingot


  • As with many other machines, this does not accept substances in their liquid form, but in their gaseous form. You must convert the substance from a liquid to a gas before you use it with this machine; the Rotary Condensentrator can do this when switched to its "Decondensentrating" mode.
  • The Solar Neutron Activator accepts Speed Upgrades, up to a maximum of 8 for 256x speed.

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