Personal Chest

Personal Chest
Personal Chest.png
Personal Chest





A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block



The personal chest used to be called, "Electric Chest" that could lock with the use of electricity. Now it is called the Personal Chest and doesn't need electricity. You can still lock it, and set it to "trusted".

Crafting Recipe

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Steel Ingot +
Chest +
Basic Control Circuit +

Steel Ingot Glass Steel Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Personal Chest
Chest Basic Control Circuit Chest
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Steel Ingot


The chest can be placed down and used as a regular, normal chest. This chest has the storage of a double-chest but the space of one chest. If you right click the air, your chest's storage will open up. If used with a Logistical Transporter, items can be piped in and out of the chest.

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