Induction Matrix

The Induction Matrix is a highly configurable multi-block energy storage structure. It is built using Induction Casing and Induction Port for the casing, and any combination of Air, Induction Providers and Induction Cells.

Creation Rules

A correctly formed Induction Matrix will spark once with Redstone Particles when you place down the last block, and will also have an interface when right clicking the block. Note: To make the Induction Matrix function properly, you will want to have one Induction Port configured to input and one Induction Port to output, using a Configurator

Assembly rules:

  • The Induction Matrix will only form if the structure is a rectangular prism smaller than 18x18x18[citation needed].
  • All edges of the block must be made using Induction Casing.
  • All faces (other than edges) can be filled using either Induction Casing or Induction Port in any configuration (regardless of how the inside is set up).
  • The inside of the cube can be filled with either Induction Providers, Induction Cells or air blocks. However, you need at least 1 Induction Cell and 1 Induction Provider. Without at least 1 Induction Provider, the Induction Matrix cannot send or receive power.
  • The inside of the cube components do not need to match in tier.

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