Electric Bow

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Electric Bow
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Electric Bow








The Electric Bow is a weapon, available in Mekanism.


The electric bow is different, than the vanilla bow, is that it never degrades. Instead it relies on an electric charge to allow the player to fire arrows, hence the name, as well as allowing to release flaming ones without having to shoot through fire or lava.

It is toggled by crouching and then pressing the Item Mode Switch Key (Default: M)


Once the bow has depleted its charge, it won't fire any more. However, it can be replenished by standing on a Chargepad.

Crafting Recipe

The bow requires 3 pieces of String, 2 Enriched Alloys and an Energy Tablet

Enriched Alloy String Grid layout Arrow (small).png Electric Bow
Energy Tablet

Enriched Alloy String

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