Thermal Evaporation Plant The Thermal Evaporation Plant is a multiblock structure with the purpose of converting Water to Brine, which can be further converted to Lithium by the use of a second Thermal Evaporation Plant.


The structure has a 4 by 4 block base with a height of 3 blocks to a maximum height of 18, where the base is made with only Thermal Evaporation Blocks, and the walls contains a Thermal Evaporation Controller, and at least 2 Thermal Evaporation Valves. The structure has no solid roof, and instead can be capped by removing the 4 top corners of the multiblock with Advanced Solar Generators.

Speed Up

To accelerate the rate of production beyond simply placing advanced solar generators at the top, the player must import a source of heat into a valve. This is most easily done by placing a resistive heater next to a valve. Setting the energy consumption to 1250 FE/t will provide the maximum boost, with any higher consumption having no effect.

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