Inhalation Purification Unit

Inhalation Purification Unit
Inhalation Purification Unit.png
Inhalation Purification Unit








"Applies a miniature electromagnetic field around the breathing apparatus, preventing selected potion effect types."

Inhalation Purification Units are modules that can protect the player from magic damage and selected potion effects including beneficial, neutral, and harmful ones. Using its stored energy, it can nullify the potion effects. The potion may still look like it is in effect (e.g. black hearts caused by Wither effect), but in actuality the player will not receive any of its effects.

1000 Joules (400 FE) of energy is used to prevent 1 magic damage by default, but it can be configured.

Max unit per helmet: 1


Ingredients Crafting recipe

Scuba Mask +
Reinforced Alloy +
Polonium Pellet +
Module Base +
Hazmat Mask

Reinforced Alloy Hazmat Mask Reinforced Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Inhalation Purification Unit
Reinforced Alloy Module Base Reinforced Alloy
Polonium Pellet Scuba Mask Polonium Pellet

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