Speed Upgrade

Speed Upgrade
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Speed Upgrade







Yes, 8

A Mekanism machine upgrade to make them process items faster each Mekanism machine can store 8 of these upgrades.
HINT: upgrade your power setup before upgrading your machines, as the power usage per tick begins to escalate with every speed upgrade applied, requiring more power to complete a single machine process.
HINT: (For machines that use gasses) Machines consume gasses based on how long they are running. that means using speed upgrades will increase the gas efficiency.

Heres a table of the various parameters regarding upgrades:

Speed Indicated Absolute Speed (20 ticks = 1 sec) Relative Speed Power Usage Total Power Usage for each Operation
x1 200 ticks 100% 50 j/t 10 000 j
x2 149 ticks 134.2% 88 j/t 13 112 j
x3 112 ticks 178.6% 158 j/t 17 696 j
x4 84 ticks 238.1% 281 j/t 23 604 j
x5 63 ticks 317.5% 500 j/t 31 500 j
x6 47 ticks 425.5% 889 j/t 41 783 j
x7 35 ticks 571.4% 1 580 j/t 55 300 j
x8 26 ticks 769.2% 2 810 j/t 73 060 j
x9 20 ticks 1000% 5 000 j/t 100 000 j

Note that every speed upgrade makes the machine 33% faster, and the Power Usage increases with ~77% (33²%), which makes for an increase in power usage for each operation with 33%

Crafting Recipe

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Speed Upgrade
Enriched Alloy Osmium Dust Enriched Alloy


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