Free Runners

Free Runners
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Free Runners are an item that allows players to ascend 1-block inclines automatically (like the Horse), as well as preventing fall damage as long as they are charged. A fall will reduce the item's charge, depending on how far the fall was.

Free Runners can be charged inside of various power-related generators or storage devices, like the Advanced Solar Generator or the Energy Cube. They can hold a maximum charge of 64.0 kJ.

Crafting recipe

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Enriched Alloy +
Basic Control Circuit +
Energy Tablet

Basic Control Circuit
Basic Control Circuit Grid layout Arrow (small).png Free Runners
Enriched Alloy
Enriched Alloy
Energy Tablet
Energy Tablet


  • The Free Runners may have been inspired from the | Advanced Knee Replacement, from Portal, both in similar design and purpose. (Preventing users from injury caused by falling)

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