Dimensional Stabilizer

Dimensional Stabilizer
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A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block



Dimensional Stabilizers are machines that load their surround chunks, at a hefty energy cost.


The UI of a Dimensional Stabilizer
The UI of a Dimensional Stabilizer

In the UI, the player can configure the chunkloading behavior of the Dimensional Stabilizer. By clicking on one of the squares, the player can toggle if that chunk is loaded. By interacting with the center square, the player can choose to load all chunks no further than a distance from the dimensional stabilizer, by left clicking to increase the distance and right clicking to decrease it.

A dimensional Stabilizer can load all chunks no further than 2 chunks away from it in any direction, and nothing further.

Initially, it has an energy buffer of 16 kFE. This allows you to load 8 chunks at once, as it draws 2kFE/t of power to keep one chunk loaded. This is uniquely not lowered by Energy Upgrades. Energy upgrades only increase the maximum power storage, and therefore the maximum chunks loaded. At least 4 energy upgrades are required to load the full 25 chunks, costing 50 kFE/t.

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