Isotopic Centrifuge

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Isotopic Centrifuge
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Isotopic Centrifuge









The Isotopic Centrifuge is used with a Fission Reactor, wither processing Uranium Hexafluoride into Fissile Fuel, OR processing Nuclear Waste into Plutonium. It can receive input on any side of the bottom block except up. The top block can not receive inputs or give outputs.

It holds up to 10,000mB of processed product inside its internal storage, and processes 1 mB/t at base.

Notably, each speed upgrade doubles its operation speed, for 256 mB/t at max upgrades.

Crafting recipe

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Lead Ingot +
Ultimate Control Circuit +
Basic Chemical Tank

Lead Ingot Lead Ingot Lead Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Isotopic Centrifuge
Ultimate Control Circuit Basic Chemical Tank Ultimate Control Circuit
Lead Ingot Lead Ingot Lead Ingot


The Isotopic Centrifuge provides two recipes:

A) 10 mb of Nuclear Waste into 1 mb of Plutonium;

B) 1 mb of Uranium Hexafluoride into 1 mb of Fissile Fuel.

Isotopic Centrifuge recipes.png

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