A QIO Dashboard and Drive Array

QIO is a way of storing large amounts of items that can be stored, searched, and accessed remotely in late game. It's comprised of at least one QIO Drive (to store items), a QIO Drive Array (to hold the QIO Drives), and at least one QIO Dashboard (to access items in the QIO Drive Array). Both the drive and drive array must be set to the same frequency in order to work together.

QIO Drive Array

QIO drive array block

A QIO Drive Array is a blocks that contains QIO Drives and wirelessly transmits their contents to other QIO devices. In order to work, the drive array must be set to a frequency.

QIO Drives

QIO drive array interface

QIO Drives are inserted into a Drive Array, allowing it to store more items. Each drive has a number of items and item types it can contain. A basic QIO drive can contain 16000 items and 128 item types.

QIO Dashboard

QIO dashboard interface

QIO Dashboards allow a user to interface with the contents of a QIO Drive Array. It looks similar to a chest inventory, but it can be searched, sorted, scrolled through, and shows all items of one type as a single stack, even if there are thousands of them. In order to access a drive array, the dashboard must be set to the same frequency as the drive array.

QIO Importer

QIO importer

QIO Importers are attached to a blocks with inventory and wirelessly transmit their contents to a drive array. The importer must be set to the same frequency as the drive array.

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