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Dusts are the product of the ore refining system.

The Enrichment Chamber turns ores into dusts and dirty dusts into dusts.

Dust Dirty Dust Version
Grid Redstone.png Redstone
Grid Glowstone Dust.png Glowstone Dust
Grid Iron Dust.png Iron Dust Grid Dirty Iron Dust.png Dirty Iron Dust
Grid Gold Dust.png Gold Dust Grid Dirty Gold Dust.png Dirty Gold Dust
Grid Osmium Dust.png Osmium Dust Grid Dirty Osmium Dust.png Dirty Osmium Dust
Grid Refined Obsidian Dust.png Refined Obsidian Dust Grid Obsidian Dust.png Dirty Obsidian Dust
Grid Diamond Dust.png Diamond Dust
Grid Steel Dust.png Steel Dust
Grid Copper Dust.png Copper Dust Grid Dirty Copper Dust.png Dirty Copper Dust
Grid Tin Dust.png Tin Dust Grid Dirty Tin Dust.png Dirty Tin Dust
Grid Silver Dust.png Silver Dust Grid Dirty Silver Dust.png Dirty Silver Dust
Grid Lead Dust.png Lead Dust Grid Dirty Lead Dust.png Dirty Lead Dust
Grid Sulfur Dust.png Sulfur Dust
Grid Sawdust.png Sawdust
Grid Salt.png Salt

Dirty Dusts

Dirty dusts are a product of the ore refining process.

The Crusher turns clumps into dirty dusts. Use the Enrichment Chamber to turn these into useful dusts again.

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