6.40 MFE Rechargable)



The Meka-Tool is a multi-use tool item in Mekanism. It has almost no use default but can have Modules installed to give it a wide range of functions. While the Configurator is required to craft the Meka-Tool, It does not have that functionality.


These are Modules that can be installed in the Meka-Tool at a Modification Station.

In order to change the settings on your Meka-Tool, you will need to enter the Module Tweaker menu. By default, you can get to this menu with "\". Once in the menu (1) click on the Meka-Tool in the bottom bar, and (2) click on the module whose settings you want to modify. From there, we have several options to change the functionality of the module, including a slider that controls bonus attack damage. Simply (3)set the slider to the damage setting you wish. As an example, below is a screenshot of how to change the default attack damage provided by 4 installed Attack Amplification Units.

Changing Attack Module Settings.png

Crafting Recipe

Ingredients Crafting recipe

HDPE Sheet +
Ultimate Control Circuit +
Configurator +
Atomic Disassembler +
Polonium Pellet +
Basic Induction Cell

Ultimate Control Circuit Configurator Ultimate Control Circuit Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Meka-Tool.png
HDPE Sheet Atomic Disassembler HDPE Sheet
Polonium Pellet Basic Induction Cell Polonium Pellet

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