Locomotive Boosting Unit

Locomotive Boosting Unit
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Locomotive Boosting Unit







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"Increases the user's sprinting speed (and jumping distance)."

Locomotive Boosting Units are modules that will allow you to boost your sprinting speed and jumping distance. It can be configured from 0.0 sprint boost, to a 0.5 sprint boost. Note that your hunger consumption would also increase.

While sprinting, the modules consumes energy relative to the sprint boost provided. every 0.1 sprint boost will cost 100 FE/t.

The module applies reduced effects while swimming, and no effects while wading through waist-deep water, as you can not sprint while doing so. A larger speed bonus is gained while swimming on the floor, as the module provides less boost if the player is in the air.

Max unit per pants: 4


Ingredients Crafting recipe

Polonium Pellet +
Reinforced Alloy +
Energy Tablet +
Module Base +
Diamond Leggings

Reinforced Alloy Diamond Leggings Reinforced Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Locomotive Boosting Unit
Energy Tablet Module Base Energy Tablet
Polonium Pellet Polonium Pellet Polonium Pellet

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