Formulaic Assemblicator

Formulaic Assemblicator
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A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block



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The Formulaic Assemblicator is a machine that consumes energy to craft items. Compared to a vanilla crafting table, it has several advanced features, such as the ability to set a recipe for continuous auto-crafting, an internal inventory to hold ingredients, an expanded output that can hold up to six stacks of output instead of one, and interaction with automation.

It consumes 40 FE/t at base while autocrafting. No other action consumes energy.

Crafting Recipe

Steel Ingot Crafting Table Steel Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Formulaic Assembler.png
Basic Control Circuit Steel Casing Basic Control Circuit
Steel Ingot Chest Steel Ingot


The UI of a formulaic assembler, currently set to crafting Energy Units.

While it functions as a crafting table, the most notable use of the Formulaic Assembler is its ability to automatically craft items from its stock of ingredients.

To set the current crafting goal, craft a Crafting Formula, slot it into the slot next to the grid, and arrange your desired recipe. Then, without actually crafting, click the button below the formula, which should be lit. This will record the current recipe into the crafting formula. If the arranged recipe is invalid, it can not be recorded, and a red cross appears to notify the player.

With an encoded crafting formula inserted, the player should see fake items with a red background appear in the grid while it's empty. Now, with auto-mode turned on, the assemblicator will try to use items in its stock area to craft the recipe endlessly. Note that while auto-mode is on, regular crafting functionalities can not be used.

To clear an encoded crafting formula, shift right click while holding it.

While auto-mode is off, the player can use the assembler like a crafting table: the Craft Available Items button will craft as much as possible, using ingredients on the grid and in the stock area.

Stock Control

Suppose that you wish to craft flint and steel endlessly. Suppose that you have a far greater supply of iron ingots than flint. The formulaic assembler's stock area will quickly be flooded with iron ingots, and it would be jammed, as flint can not enter the stock area.

Stock Control, while toggled on, solves this problem by enforcing an upper limit to the amount of any ingredient in the stock area, proportional to the amount required in the current recipe. In the example above, with Stock Control turned on, only half of the stock area can be occupied by Iron Ingots, and no more can enter.

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