Antimatter Pellet

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Antimatter Pellet
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Antimatter Pellet, produced by 1000 mB of Antimatter in the Chemical Crystallizer, is an important ingredient in several endgame items.


Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Elytra Unit

Polonium Pellet +
Antimatter Pellet +
HDPE Reinforced Elytra +
Module Base +
Reinforced Alloy

Reinforced Alloy File:Grid HDPE Reinforced Elytra.png Reinforced Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png File:Grid Elytra Unit.png
Reinforced Alloy Module Base Reinforced Alloy
Polonium Pellet File:Grid Antimatter Pellet.png Polonium Pellet

Gravitational Modulating Unit

Antimatter Pellet +
Nether Star +
Module Base +
Atomic Alloy +
Ultimate Induction Provider

Atomic Alloy Nether Star Atomic Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Gravitational Modulating Unit
Ultimate Induction Provider Module Base Ultimate Induction Provider
File:Grid Antimatter Pellet.png File:Grid Antimatter Pellet.png File:Grid Antimatter Pellet.png

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