Purification Chamber

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Purification Chamber
Purification Chamber.png
Purification Chamber





A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block



Factory version?



80 RF/t

The Purification Chamber uses oxygen to refine Ores and shards into clumps. Each ore makes 3 clumps, whereas each shard only gives one clump.

The oxygen can be provided externally as gas, internally with an oxygen filled Gas Tank or flint. (See the gas page for how to make oxygen)

For example: you could transform Copper Ore into 3 Copper Clump.
Clumps can then be placed in a Crusher, producing dirty ores, which can be enriched in an Enrichment Chamber to create regular dusts.

Additionally you can turn gravel into flint.


Enriched Alloy Advanced Control Circuit Enriched Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Purification Chamber
Osmium Ingot Enrichment Chamber Osmium Ingot
Enriched Alloy Advanced Control Circuit Enriched Alloy


The Purification Chamber's GUI
  1. Input Slot
  2. Output Slot
  3. Energy Slot
  4. Energy Buffer
  5. Upgrade Tab
  6. Security Tab
  7. Side Configuration Tab
  8. Transporter Configuration Tab
  9. Energy Information
  10. Redstone Control
  11. Infusion Material Slot
  12. Infusion Material Buffer

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