Metallurgic Infuser

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Metallurgic Infuser
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Metallurgic Infuser








The Metallurgic Infuser is the first step in the Mekanism tech tree. The Metallurgic Infuser is a machine used in the production of Steel, Bronze, Enriched Alloy, and Obsidian Ingots.

Crafting Recipe

Iron Ingot Furnace Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Metallurgic Infuser
32x32px Osmium Ingot 32x32px
Iron Ingot Furnace Iron Ingot

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In the purple slot (1) input coal, compressed carbon, or redstone, depending on the recipe for the item you are creating. It will fill up the yellow buffer next to it (6). In the second slot (2), put in an iron ingot. If you are powering the Infuser with redstone dust, place redstone in the green slot (4). It will fill up the power buffer right next to it (5). Your finished item will appear in the Dark Blue slot (3) when the process is complete. The Orange slot (7) is where you can load up to 8 upgrades of either Speed or Energy that will improve the efficiency of the machine. Tab (8) is where you go to set up the configuration of the machine. By selecting the corresponding colour on the right hand diagram you can determine which slot an item will move through. eg: Selecting the Dark Blue colour on the right hand side will output the Dark Blue slots (3) item to a chest, pipe or other machine placed on that side. Using this feature allows you to "chain" machines together and have the output of one, become the input of the next machine. Another example would be if you want power to come in from the bottom of the machine you would select the Dark Green colour in the bottom slot and connect your power cable to the bottom of the machine.

By using redstone as the secondary material and iron ingot as the primary material, the player can craft the Enriched Alloy. The player can also get mossy type bricks by using bio fuel as the secondary material and stone as the primary material.

To get steel the player needs to use either coal or charcoal as the secondary material and an iron ingot to craft Enriched Iron. Then use coal as the secondary material and the enriched iron as the primary material to get Steel Dust. Then smelt the steel dust using a furnace or the Energized Smelter to craft a Steel Ingot. If the player already has a viable power network, this machine also accepts power.


Metallurgic Infuser GUI.png

  1. Secondary Material Slot
  2. Primary Material Slot
  3. Output
  4. Battery Insertion Slot
  5. Energy Buffer
  6. Secondary Material Buffer Indicator
  7. Upgrade Insertion and extraction Slot
  8. Block Configurator
  9. Block Energy Checker
  10. Redstone Control Button

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