Gas-Burning Generator

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A Hydrogen Generator creates power by consuming the hydrogen produced by an Electrolytic Separator. Each unit of hydrogen gas is converted to 150 joules of power. The Hydrogen Generator has its own internal storage tank with a capacity of 18,000 units. Gas Tanks can be used to expand the hydrogen storage capacity of your system. Hydrogen Generators are an upper tier Mekanism power source that should supply adequate power to your base for a long time, but they are best used when they provide power to charge a bank of Energy Cubes, rather than sending the generator power out directly to your base.

Crafting Recipe

Osmium Ingot Enriched Alloy Osmium Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Hydrogen Generator
Steel Casing Electrolytic Core Steel Casing
Osmium Ingot Enriched Alloy Osmium Ingot
    • User Interface
      Hydrogen Generator interface
  1. Visual hydrogen storage indicator
  2. Gas Tank can be placed here to fill the internal hydrogen tank
  3. Info Display: Energy storage level, hydrogen storage level, maximum power output from the energy buffer
  4. Place a chargeable item here to be charged
  5. Visual power buffer level
  6. Redstone switch setting (high/low/disabled)

    • Sample Hydrogen Generator setup:

HydrogenGenerator sample.png

  1. Solar Panels deliver power to an Electric Pump (2) and a Electrolytic Separator (3) via Universal Cable
  2. Electric Pump, sitting in a corner of a 3x3 pond, delivers water to the Electrolytic Separator (3) via Mechanical Pipe
  3. Electrolytic Separator delivers hydrogen to the Hydrogen Generator (4) via Pressurized Tube. Set the Separator to dump oxygen, otherwise it will stop when the oxygen tank fills.
  4. Hydrogen Generator consumes the hydrogen and generates power to an Energy Cube (5) via Universal Cable.
  5. Energy Cube receives power from the Hydrogen Generator (4) via Universal Cable.

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