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| Output = Ultimate Energy Cube
| Output = Ultimate Energy Cube
==Pre 1.7.10 Recipes==
===Basic Energy Cube===
{{Grid/Crafting Table
| A1 = Redstone | B1 = Lapis Lazuli | C1 = Redstone
| A2 = Energy Tablet | B2 = Steel Casing | C2 = Energy Tablet
| A3 = Redstone | B3 = Lapis Lazuli | C3 = Redstone
| Output = Basic Energy Cube
===Advanced Energy Cube===
{{Grid/Crafting Table
| A1 = Enriched Alloy | B1 = Gold Ingot | C1 = Enriched Alloy
| A2 = Energy Tablet | B2 = Basic Energy Cube | C2 = Energy Tablet
| A3 = Enriched Alloy | B3 = Gold Ingot | C3 = Enriched Alloy
| Output = Advanced Energy Cube
===Elite Energy Cube===
{{Grid/Crafting Table
| A1 =Basic Control Circuit | B1 = Diamond | C1 =Basic Control Circuit
| A2 = Energy Tablet | B2 = Advanced Energy Cube | C2 = Energy Tablet
| A3 =Basic Control Circuit | B3 = Diamond | C3 =Basic Control Circuit
| Output = Elite Energy Cube
===Ultimate Energy Cube===
{{Grid/Crafting Table
| A1 = Atomic Alloy | B1 =Refined Obsidian Ingot | C1 = Atomic Alloy
| A2 = Energy Tablet | B2 = Elite Energy Cube | C2 = Energy Tablet
| A3 = Atomic Alloy | B3 =Refined Obsidian Ingot | C3 = Atomic Alloy
| Output = Ultimate Energy Cube

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Energy Cube
Basic Energy Cube.png
Energy Cube








An Energy Cube is an advanced type of battery that is compatible with multiple energy systems. Energy can be input from 5 sides, and output on 1 side. The output side has a special marking which looks like a small panel. Rotate the Cube by right-clicking with a wrench. Stored energy is measured in Universal Electricity Joules but the Energy Cube is compatible with Minecraft Joules (Buildcraft), Redstone Flux (Thermal Expansion 3), or Universal Electricity Joules. Energy Cubes can be transported by shift-right-clicking with a wrench. This will “break” the Cube, but all its energy will be safely stored inside. When the Cube is in your inventory, holding shift will display additional data about the Cube’s energy level.

User Interface

EnergyCube GUI.png

The Energy Cube's user interface can be accessed by right-clicking on the Cube.

  1. Charge Item. Place a chargeable item like an Energy Tablet here.
  2. Discharge Item. Place a charged item here to discharge the item and charge the Cube
  3. Visual indicator of the Energy Cube's charge
  4. Charge data: Current charge/Maximum charge. Second line is the maximum power output in UE Joules.

Visible Energy Matrix

Inside the frame of the Energy Cube is a spinning, glowing energy matrix. The brightness of the matrix is a visual indicator of the Cube’s charge level, and the color indicates the energy tier: green (Basic), red (Advanced), blue (Elite), purple (Ultimate). The recipe for each higher tier of Energy Cube uses a cube from the previous tier, so if you need to upgrade your Energy Cube, nothing goes to waste!

Types of Energy Cubes

Basic Energy Cube

Color: Green Capacity: 2,000 kJ Max Output: 800 J/s

EnergyCube Basic.png
Advanced Energy Cube

Color: Red Capacity: 8,000 kJ Max Output: 3.2 kJ/s

EnergyCube Advanced.png
Elite Energy Cube

Color: Blue Capacity: 32,000 kJ Max Output: 12.8 kJ/s

EnergyCube Elite.png
Ultimate Energy Cube

Color: Purple Capacity: 128,000 kJ Max Output: 51.2 kJ/s

EnergyCube Ultimate.png

Crafting Recipes

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Basic Energy Cube

Iron Ingot +
Redstone +
Energy Tablet +
Steel Casing

Redstone Energy Tablet Redstone Grid layout Arrow (small).png Basic Energy Cube
Iron Ingot Steel Casing Iron Ingot
Redstone Energy Tablet Redstone

Advanced Energy Cube

Osmium Ingot +
Enriched Alloy +
Energy Tablet +
Basic Energy Cube

Enriched Alloy Energy Tablet Enriched Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Advanced Energy Cube
Osmium Ingot Basic Energy Cube Osmium Ingot
Enriched Alloy Energy Tablet Enriched Alloy

Elite Energy Cube

Gold Ingot +
Reinforced Alloy +
Energy Tablet +
Advanced Energy Cube

Reinforced Alloy Energy Tablet Reinforced Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Elite Energy Cube
Gold Ingot Advanced Energy Cube Gold Ingot
Reinforced Alloy Energy Tablet Reinforced Alloy

Ultimate Energy Cube

Diamond +
Atomic Alloy +
Energy Tablet +
Elite Energy Cube

Atomic Alloy Energy Tablet Atomic Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Ultimate Energy Cube
Diamond Elite Energy Cube Diamond
Atomic Alloy Energy Tablet Atomic Alloy

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