Electrolytic Separator

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Electrolytic Separator
Electrolytic Separator.png
Electrolytic Separator








The Electrolytic Separator electrolytically separates liquids into their component gases.

Crafting Recipe

Iron Ingot Redstone Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Electrolytic Separator
Enriched Alloy Electrolytic Core Enriched Alloy
Iron Ingot Redstone Iron Ingot

Power Generation

With an Electric Pump, Electrolytic Separator and Hydrogen Generator there is net positive energy generation as long as water is being provided to the pump. Water can be pumped in using Mechanical Pipes and the output gas can be transported using Pressurized Tubes.

The Electrolytic Separator can only store and output one gas. Using the GUI, you can choose to output "O" (Oxygen), "H" (Hydrogen), or none. The other GUI choice is "Dump", which you can select "O" (Oxygen), "H" (Hydrogen), or none.

Ex. In order to output Hydrogen, you must dump Oxygen into the atmosphere.


Electrolytic Separator GUI

New Electrolytic separator can now input both gases they just need to be configured correctly

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