Dynamic Valve

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Dynamic Valve
Dynamic Valve.png
Dynamic Valve








Along with the Dynamic Glass and Dynamic Tank, Dynamic Valve makes up the multi-block that is the Dynamic Tank, a fluid storage structure that can hold a single type of fluid, unlike Railcraft Tanks however they have no size constraints in configuration similar to Xycraft Tanks, as such the tank can be placed in a 6x4x5 configuration, however it still have a minimum limit that it has to be 3x3x3 and max of 12x12x12 anything in between is still accepted as a multiblock however. Also, as the name implies this acts as the window to the dynamic tank and can also be use as a decorative block.

v8 Crafting Recipe

Dynamic Tank
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Dynamic Valve2
Dynamic Tank Control Circuit Dynamic Tank

Dynamic Tank

Old Crafting Recipe

Steel Ingot
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Dynamic Valve
Steel Ingot Control Circuit Steel Ingot

Steel Ingot

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