Diversion Transporter

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Diversion Transporter
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Diversion Transporter







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Part of Mekanism logistics, the Diversion Transporter is a special transporter that has configurable redstone sensitivity. Since Logistical Transporters do not have a redstone sensitivity option, this is needed when you want to add redstone sensitivity to your logistics system.

You can configure each side of Diversion Transporter separately to the following options by ⇧ Shift + Right Clicking with a Configurator: "Always active", "Active with signal", and "Active without signal".

Note: Redstone sensitivity of all transmitters other than the Logistical Transporter are configurable by themselves, but cannot be done separately for each side.

Crafting Recipe

Redstone Redstone Redstone Grid layout Arrow (small).png Diversion Transporter2
Steel Ingot Iron Bars Steel Ingot
Redstone Redstone Redstone
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