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==Crafting Recipe==
==Crafting Recipe==
{{Grid/Crafting Table  
{{Grid/Crafting Table  
|A1 = Atomic Core|A2 = Logistical Sorter|A3 = Teleportation Core
|A1 = Atomic Alloy|A2 = Logistical Sorter|A3 = Teleportation Core
|B1 = Control Circuit|B2 = Robit|B3 = Steel Casing
|B1 = Basic Control Circuit|B2 = Robit|B3 = Steel Casing
|C1 = Atomic Core|C2 = Logistical Sorter|C3 = Teleportation Core
|C1 = Atomic Alloy|C2 = Logistical Sorter|C3 = Teleportation Core
|Output = Digital Miner}}
|Output = Digital Miner}}

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Digital Miner
Digital Miner.png
Digital Miner








The Digital Miner is the large scale mining machine for Mekanism. However, this machine is like no other as it "magically-teleports" mined blocks to its inventory.

The player can set the mining radius and the depth for its scanning area. The player can also opt to replace all mined blocks should the player wish to do so by keeping it fed with the desired material. This machine can also be set to silk touch ores with more energy consumption as well as smartly filter ores through the ore dictionary, like all Mekanism machines this machine can also be set to auto output its mined blocks ready to be processed and sorted and at the same time can also receive the same upgrades as the Mekanism Factories.

Crafting Recipe

Atomic Alloy Basic Control Circuit Atomic Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Digital Miner
Logistical Sorter Robit Logistical Sorter
Teleportation Core Steel Casing Teleportation Core


To start, the Digital Miner needs a source of power. Once powered, you have to click on Config to set the materials you want him to mine.

Press OreDict to enter codes of the materials and press save. If it worked you'll see the icon of the ore in the slot in the list, if it didn't worked, you'll see a blank slot.

Example codes :

  • To mine Gold Ore: oreGold
  • To mine Redstone (redstone ore in Silk Touch mode): oreRedstone
  • To mine everything that is made out of wood: Wood*
  • To mine every ore: ore*
  • To mine whatever is made out of Emerald (Emerald block, Emerald ore): *Emerald

It should also be noted that if the ore's name is too long just add * as the last character e.g. oreCertus* ("Certus Quartz" from the mod AE2).

Some materials, such as Obsidian, do not exist in the Digital Miner Dictionary. You will have to press ItemStack beside OreDict. Place one Obsidian block into the slot then click save.

Enter the radius you want him to mine in and press the little hook to save it. (Maximum radius is 32)

The Digital Miner has 2 IO-Slots. The one on the back, where the items can be picked up (i.e. by Logistical Transporter) and one on the top front to insert items (i.e. from a bin).


Inverse Mode

The "I" icon toggle Inverse mode. Inverse mode mines everything that is not in the in the list. A practial use for this is to put Dirt, Grass, Sand, Sandstone, Gravel, Cobblestone and Stone into the ItemStack list and toggle the Inverse mode. The Digital Miner will mine everything but these common materials.

Once started, you have to reset it to modify the ItemStack list. The GUI will also display how many blocks are left to be mined.

Silk Touch Mode

The Silk Touch button toggles the Silk Touch mode. When mining coal, the miner will instead receive Coal Ore blocks, rather than pieces of Coal. However, this mode requires 6x the amount of energy it needs.


The Auto-Eject button toggles the eject function. When a block is mined, the block will automatically be sent to a connected pipe, leading to a chest or to an ore processing machine. If the other end of the pipe is not attached to anything, the miner won't eject them.

Block Replacement

The slot over the Auto-Eject button is the block replacement.

For example, if a stone block is in the slot, every mined block will be replaced by a stone block, which will not leave an emtpy hole underground.

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