Chemical Tanks

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Chemical Tanks
Chemical Tanks.gif
Basic Chemical TankAdvanced Chemical TankElite Chemical TankUltimate Chemical TankCreative Chemical Tank





Basic: 64,000mb
Advanced: 128,000mb
Elite: 256,000mb
Ultimate: 512,000mb


A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block



Chemical Tanks are used to store Gases. They can be placed as a block and can interact with Pressurized Tubes. They come in the four tiers, each tier being double the capacity and output rate of its predecessor. It can store the following gases:

Gas Dirty Slurry Clean Slurry Infuse Type
Antimatter Dirty Copper Slurry Clean Copper Slurry Biomass
Chlorine Dirty Gold Slurry Clean Gold Slurry Carbon
Deuterium Dirty Iron Slurry Clean Iron Slurry Diamond
D-T Fuel Dirty Lead Slurry Clean Lead Slurry Funghi
Ehtylene Dirty Osmium Slurry Clean Osmium Slurry Gold
Fissile Fuel Dirty Tin Slurry Clean Tin Slurry Redstone
Gaseous Brine Dirty Uranium Slurry Clean Uranium Slurry Refined Obsidian
Hydrofluoric Acid Tin
Hydrogen Chloride
Liquid Osmium
Nutritional Paste
Sulfur Dioxide
Sulfur Trioxide
Sulfuric Acid
Superheated Sodium
Uranium Hexafluoride
Uranium Oxide
Water Vapor

For more information about each gas, see Gases.

Note: Some mods, like JAOPCA, may add additional slurries that are not listed above. Please do not edit and list them as they do not belong to Mekanism by default.

Inventory Inputting/Outputting

The Chemical Tank, when placed in the world, has two slots in its inventory.

The slot with a blue negative sign is the input slot. If you place something that contains gas (e.g. a chemical tank containing Oxygen) into this slot, the chemical tank will drain the item of its content as much as possible.

The slot with a red positive sign is the output slot. If you place something that can store gas (e.g. a chemical tank) into this slot, the chemical tank will fill the item as much as possible.


By default, the chemical tank will be set to auto-eject for all substances. The side that the chemical tank will be auto-ejecting is the side with a red dot. This can all be configured, of course, in its Side Config.

Like other machines, chemical tanks' GUI has a dump feature:

  • Idle: The chemical tank will not dump anything.
  • Dump Excess: The chemical tank will limit it's storage to only 99.5% of its full capacity, while dumping any excess., thus causing the tank to never be full.
  • Dump: The chemical tank will continuously dump its entire inventory, attempting to leave none left.

Types of Chemical Tanks

Type Color Capacity Max Output Appearance
Basic Chemical Tank Green 64,000mb 256mb/t Basic Chemical Tank.png
Advanced Chemical Tank Red 128,000mb 512mb/t Advanced Chemical Tank.png
Elite Chemical Tank Blue 256,000mb 1,028mb/t Elite Chemical Tank.png
Ultimate Chemical Tank Purple 512,000mb 2,056mb/t Ultimate Chemical Tank.png
Creative Chemical Tank Black Infinite 4,611,686,018,427,387,903mb/t Creative Chemical Tank.png

Note: Max capacity and output rate are both configurable in the config settings.

Crafting Recipes

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Basic Chemical Tank

Osmium Ingot +

Redstone Osmium Ingot Redstone Grid layout Arrow (small).png Basic Chemical Tank
Osmium Ingot
Osmium Ingot
Redstone Osmium Ingot Redstone

Advanced Chemical Tank

Osmium Ingot +
Infused Alloy +
Basic Chemical Tank

Infused Alloy Osmium Ingot Infused Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Advanced Chemical Tank
Osmium Ingot Basic Chemical Tank Osmium Ingot
Infused Alloy Osmium Ingot Infused Alloy

Elite Chemical Tank

Osmium Ingot +
Reinforced Alloy +
Advanced Chemical Tank

Reinforced Alloy Osmium Ingot Reinforced Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Elite Chemical Tank
Osmium Ingot Advanced Chemical Tank Osmium Ingot
Reinforced Alloy Osmium Ingot Reinforced Alloy

Ultimate Chemical Tank

Osmium Ingot +
Atomic Alloy +
Elite Chemical Tank

Atomic Alloy Osmium Ingot Atomic Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Ultimate Chemical Tank
Osmium Ingot Elite Chemical Tank Osmium Ingot
Atomic Alloy Osmium Ingot Atomic Alloy

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