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==Crafting Recipe==
==Crafting Recipe==
{{Grid/Crafting Table
{{Grid/Crafting Table
| A1 = Pressure Plate | B1 = Pressure Plate | C1 = Pressure Plate
| A1 = Stone Pressure Plate | B1 = Stone Pressure Plate | C1 = Stone Pressure Plate
| A2 = Steel Ingot | B2 = Energy Tablet | C2 = Steel Ingot
| A2 = Steel Ingot | B2 = Energy Tablet | C2 = Steel Ingot
| A3 =  | B3 =  | C3 =  
| A3 =  | B3 =  | C3 =  

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The Chargepad is a wireless electric charging station. Any rechargeable items you have in your inventory will be charged while standing on it.

Crafting Recipe

Stone Pressure Plate Stone Pressure Plate Stone Pressure Plate Grid layout Arrow (small).png Chargepad
Steel Ingot Energy Tablet Steel Ingot


The Chargepad can recharge any item that requires any form of energy. A few examples are RF based tools like those from Tinkers' Construct (if they are equipped with Flux modifiers), Applied Energistics' ME Wireless Access Terminal, and some Modular Power Suits. It also functions as the deployment and teleportation point for your Robit.

A Chargepad in use

Chargepad Power In.png

The Chargepad requires a source of power to function, which can only be supplied through the bottom of the pad via any compatible cable.

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