Advanced Solar Generator

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Advanced Solar Generator
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Advanced Solar Generator








An Advanced Solar Generator with Attached Universal Cable

The Advanced Solar Generator is a highly upgraded version of the basic Solar Generator. Construction of an Advanced Solar Generator requires four Solar Generators, but it produces six times the power of its smaller cousin. It also requires an area of 3x3x3 Blocks in order to be placed. The Advanced Solar Generator only produces power during the day. Universal Cable or other compatible wire can be connected to the side of the base with a green square. Right-click the generator with a wrench to rotate the entire assembly.

Crafting Recipe

Solar Generator Enriched Alloy Solar Generator Grid layout Arrow (small).png Advanced Solar Generator
Solar Generator Enriched Alloy Solar Generator
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Iron Ingot

Power Production

By default the Advanced Solar Generator produces 300 J/t in direct sunlight, and can output a maximum of 600 J/t. This amount can be changed inside of the Mekanism Config. Like the Solar Generator, the Advanced Solar Generator receives a 50% bonus to Energy production Desert biomes.

In Other Units

Joules/t Redstone Flux/t Minecraft Joules/t EU/t
180 72 7.2 18


To create the Advanced Solar Generator, the raw materials you will need include:

  • 36 Glass Pane (~18 Glass)
  • 54 Redstone
  • 37 Iron Ingot
  • 36 Osmium Ingot
  • 08 Osmium Dust
  • 12 Gold Ingot

This does not include the Redstone you will need to add as a secondary material for use in the Metallurgic Infuser to aid in the creation of Enriched Alloy. Note that you will also need a way to grind Osmium Ore or Osmium Ingot into Osmium Dust - this can be done using the Enrichment Chamber (for ores), the Crusher (for ingots), Thermal Expansion's Pulverizer, or Applied Energistic's Grindstone (to name a few).

Derived materials (these are crafted from the raw materials):

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