Industrial Turbine

New in v9 is the Turbine Multiblock. This massive structure is used to produce power from the reactor that was introduced with v8.


Construction Notes

  • Orientation can only be vertical (Unlike BR's turbine)
  • Length and Width (x,z) must be equal.
  • Maximum shaft height = min(2xLENGTH-5,14) [so blades don't touch sides]
  • Maximum total height = min(2xLENGTH-1,18)
  • Tank volume = LENGTH^2xROTOR_HEIGHTx64,000mB
  • Flow rate is determined by tank volume (formula unknown) and vents, whichever is less. Each vent adds 16,000mB/t of flow rate.
  • Energy production = FLOWxROTOR_HEIGHTx50RF/7
  • Because a taller rotor leaves less room for vents, sometimes heightening the rotor could reduce flow and, therefore, energy.
  • 1 coil will support 4 blades. You'll never need more than 8 coils.
  • Interior may ONLY be dispersers, coils, shaft, blades, rotational complex, or air.
  • Multiblock will sparkle red on final block placement, otherwise check your assembly.
  • Minimal turbine size is 5x5 base with 5 blocks high.
  • Maximum turbine size is 17x17 base with 18 blocks high.

Construction steps

  1. Build the base out of turbine casings and optional structural glass. (must be square) [the perimeter must be casings not glass]
  2. Place rotor shafts in the center, from the base to desired height.
  3. Add turbine blades to the rotor. (two for each rotor shaft)
  4. Place a rotational complex on top of the rotor.
  5. Completely fill the interior layer around the rotational complex with pressure dispersers.
  6. Place electromagnetic coils above the dispersers. They must touch the rotational complex and each other.
  7. Build the frame (the perimeters of the walls) out of turbine casings. (you may have more empty layers above the coils to make room for more vents)
  8. Fill the walls, up to the height of the rotor, with turbine casings and/or structural glass and at least 2 turbine valves.
  9. Fill the remaining walls and ceiling with turbine casings and/or turbine vents.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Compatible with oredict steam from other mods such as TE/TF/RC/MFR/Big Reactors.
  • The marking of "Limiting" on the vents stat simply means that it is not "optimal ratio". You can have fewer down to your desired steam flow rate.
  • Turbine shuts down if internal battery fills with energy. It will restart automatically though you may also vent excess steam to prevent it from shutting down.
  • A 5x5x8 turbine design will produce the exact same RF/t as the highest tiered turbine from Big Reactors with the same amount of steam.


Detailed interior of a 7x7x10
Main interface showing power production and steam consumption
Statistics page showing turbine construction stats

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