Thermoelectric Boiler

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The Thermoelectric Boiler is a multi-block structure used to generate steam from external heat. Its minimum dimensions are 3x3x4 (3 long, 3 wide, 4 tall) and its maximum dimensions are 18x18x18, as with Mekanism's other multi-block structures. The heat required is best supplied by Superheated Liquid Sodium from an active Fission Reactor running on sodium cooling, and the steam produced by the Thermoelectric Boiler is used in keeping an Industrial Turbine running.


This section describes the construction of a 3x3x4 boiler.

Step Image Description
Thermoelectric boiler step1.png
Place a 3x3 base layer of Boiler Casings down.
Thermoelectric boiler step2.png
Place the Superheating Element in the center of the base. If you are making a larger boiler, you can place additional elements around the center element as long as their sides are touching. (Similar in behavior to the Electromagnetic Coil block)
Thermoelectric boiler step3a.png
Form a heater layer by placing a 3x3 ring of Boiler Casings around the Superheating Element. You may place Structural Glass on the sides (but not the corners).
3b (Optional) You may form additional heater layers like you did in 3a to increase the water heating rate and the max water capacity of the boiler.
3c (Optional) You may form water cavity layers by leaving the center empty, this will increase the max water capacity of the boiler.
 * Note: Heater layers cannot be separated by a cavity layer. Heater layers must be adjacent to each other.
Thermoelectric boiler step4a.png
Form a steam catch layer by placing Pressure Disperser blocks in the center and Boiler Casings or Structural Glass around the outside. The entire center of this layer must be filled with Dispersers in order for the Boiler to form.
* Note: You can only have one steam catch layer
4b (Optional) You may form steam cavity layers above the steam catch layer by leaving the center empty. This will increase the steam capacity of the boiler.
Thermoelectric boiler step5.png
Cap off the the boiler by placing a solid layer of Boiler Casings. You may use Structural Glass in the center. Red particles should emit once this layer is formed, signaling that the inside of the boiler is properly constructed.
Thermoelectric boiler step6.png
Replace 2 of the Boiler Casing (or Structural Glass) blocks with Boiler Valve blocks. The valves must be on the sides of a heater layer or a water cavity layer. They cannot be on the edges of the boiler, but they can be on the bottom surface.
One valve will act as the heat input, and the other shall act as the water input.
Thermoelectric boiler step7.png
Replace a Boiler Casing (or Structural Glass) block on a steam catch or steam cavity layer with a Boiler valve and change its mode to output by using the configurator. This will act as the steam output.
Done! The boiler is now formed. You should attach Mechanical Pipes to the water input and steam output valves, and place Thermodynamic Conductors from your Heater(s) to the heat input valve.

Showcase of built Boiler

Builded Boiler with Pump .png
Boiler"s GUI .png
Boiler"s Statistics GUI.png


Video Tutorials - Tutorial made by Aidan Brady , Developer of Mekanism Mod - Tutorial made by MathewCell , updated in version Minecraft 1.7.10 - 1.12 , EsquilãoBR Tutorial PT-BR

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