This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Documentation for more information
This template uses Module:Documentation, a script written in Lua.
Please see wp:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more.

This template is used to automatically add base documentation templates and notes.


To use this template, type {{subst:doc}}. If not substituted, the page will get added to Category:Pages with templates requiring substitution

If the page is a doc page, and the content is not set, it will automatically add the preload content, including {{documentation header}}.

If the page is not a doc page, it will add {{documentation}}, and will pass on any arguments given to it. See Template:Documentation. If the content is not set, it will also add a note advising placing the categories and interwikis on the doc page.

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