Fluid Tanks

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Fluid Tanks
Fluid Tanks.gif
Basic Fluid TankAdvanced Fluid TankElite Fluid TankUltimate Fluid TankCreative Fluid Tank





Basic: 14,000mb
Advanced: 28,000mb
Elite: 56,000mb
Ultimate: 112,000mb
Creative: Infinite


A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block



Fluid Tanks are storage blocks to store fluids. The amount of fluid (mb) a fluid tank can store is based on its tier. It will retain its inventory when broken. You may use a Mechanical Pipe that is set to Pull in order to extract the fluid out of the tank. Fluid tanks can store the following fluids:

Heavy Water
Liquid Chlorine
Liquid Deuterium
Liquid D-T Fuel
Liquid Ethylene
Liquid Hydrofluoric Acid
Liquid Hydrogen
Liquid Hydrogen Chloride
Liquid Lithium
Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Sodium
Liquid Steam
Liquid Sulfur Dioxide
Liquid Sulfur Trioxide
Liquid Tritium
Sulfuric Acid

Note: The list above is based on Mekanism being the only mod. Other mods can add more fluids (that are not on the list above) which can also be stored in Mekanism's Fluid Tanks.

For more information about each fluid, see Fluids

Bucket Mode

You can hold shift and scroll to change Bucket Mode. If bucket mode is set to True, the fluid tank will act like a bucket, being able to physically dump fluid out (shift right click) and scoop up fluid (right click).

However, by setting it to True, it also removes the ability to place the fluid tank. Bucket mode must be set to off in order to place the fluid tank.


Shift right click on any fluid tank with a Configurator (set on any mode besides Wrench, Rotate, and Empty) to turn on auto-eject. Once auto-eject is turned on, the color (green, red, blue, purple, or black) will light up to indicate so. Note that fluid tanks will only auto-eject from the bottom.

Basic, Advanced, Elite, Ultimate, and Creative fluid tanks respectively.

Types of Fluid Tanks

Type Color Capacity Max Output Rate Appearance
Basic Fluid Tank Green 32,000mb 400mb/t Basic Fluid Tank.png
Advanced Fluid Tank Red 64,000mb 800mb/t Advanced Fluid Tank.png
Elite Fluid Tank Blue 128,000mb 1,600mb/t Elite Fluid Tank.png
Ultimate Fluid Tank Purple 256,000mb 3,200mb/t Ultimate Fluid Tank.png
Creative Fluid Tank Black Infinite 1,073,741,823mb/t Creative Fluid Tank.png

Note: Max capacity and output rate and both configurable in the Config file.

Crafting Recipes

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Basic Fluid Tank

Iron Ingot +

Redstone Iron Ingot Redstone Grid layout Arrow (small).png Basic Fluid Tank
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Redstone Iron Ingot Redstone

Advanced Fluid Tank

Iron Ingot +
Infused Alloy +
Basic Fluid Tank

Infused Alloy Iron Ingot Infused Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Advanced Fluid Tank
Iron Ingot Basic Fluid Tank Iron Ingot
Infused Alloy Iron Ingot Infused Alloy

Elite Fluid Tank

Iron Ingot +
Reinforced Alloy +
Advanced Fluid Tank

Reinforced Alloy Iron Ingot Reinforced Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Elite Fluid Tank
Iron Ingot Advanced Fluid Tank Iron Ingot
Reinforced Alloy Iron Ingot Reinforced Alloy

Ultimate Fluid Tank

Iron Ingot +
Atomic Alloy +
Elite Fluid Tank

Atomic Alloy Iron Ingot Atomic Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Ultimate Fluid Tank
Iron Ingot Elite Fluid Tank Iron Ingot
Atomic Alloy Iron Ingot Atomic Alloy

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