Radiation Shielding Unit

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Radiation Shielding Unit
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Radiation Shielding Unit








"Provides thick, radiation-proof metal plating to any MekaSuit armor piece."

Radiation Shielding Units are modules that allows your MekaSuit armor piece to act like the respective Hazmat Suit pieces and provide protection from radiation. Note that once you have been exposed to deadly doses of radiation without protection and began taking damage, wearing Radiation-Shielding-Unit-installed armor pieces will not instantly prevent you from taking damage. Instead, it will only prevent the increase of your radiation dose. In addition, all of your MekaSuit armor pieces must have Radiation Shielding Units installed for a full protection against radiation.

Max unit per armor piece: 1

Crafting Recipe

Ingredients Crafting recipe

HDPE Sheet +
Infused Alloy +
Module Base +
Lead Block

Infused Alloy Lead Block Infused Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Radiation Shielding Unit
Infused Alloy Module Base Infused Alloy
HDPE Sheet HDPE Sheet HDPE Sheet

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