Electrolytic Breathing Unit

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Electrolytic Breathing Unit
Electrolytic Breathing Unit.png
Electrolytic Breathing Unit







Yes (4)

"Uses electrolysis to create breathable oxygen from water. Will also fill a jetpack module with hydrogen when necessary."

Electrolytic Breathing Units are modules that allows you to breathe underwater. In addition, if the Jetpack Unit is installed onto the MekaSuit Bodyarmor, it will automatically begin to refuel its hydrogen supply while underwater or out in the rain.

Max unit per helmet: 4


Ingredients Crafting recipe

HDPE Sheet +
Infused Alloy +
Module Base +
Electrolytic Core

Infused Alloy Electrolytic Core Infused Alloy Grid layout Arrow (small).png Electrolytic Breathing Unit
Infused Alloy Module Base Infused Alloy
HDPE Sheet HDPE Sheet HDPE Sheet
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