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Welcome to Mekanism!

This tutorial will get you started with the basics of Mekanism, from obtaining a source of power to crafting earlier-tier machines.

Getting power

  1. Collect plenty of Osmium Ore, which can be mined with Stone grade tools and above. It can be found on virtually all layers.
    1. If you have a Pulverizer (TE) or a Grindstone (AE 2), you can grind the ore into dust and then smelt it, effectively doubling your ingot production.
  2. Smelt the Osmium Ore you've collected into Osmium Ingots.
  3. Craft a Heat Generator, which can be powered by either coal/charcoal (Active Power mode) or nearby lava blocks (Passive Power mode).

You now have a source of power.

Creating basic components / Expanding your power network

You will need to create a few basic crafting components in the Metallurgic Infuser before creating the wires needed to expand your power network, which are made from Steel Ingots.

  1. Craft a Metallurgic Infuser, and connect it to any available power source (e.g an Heat Generator)
  2. Use the Metallurgic Infuser to create Steel Ingots.
    1. Insert a few Coal/Charcoal into the Secondary Material Slot (the purple slot on the far left). This will fill up the Secondary Material Slot with Carbon.
      1. The Secondary Material Buffer (bar on the far left) can't store more than one type of material at a time, so if another type of material (other than Carbon) has already been added (check by hovering over the Secondary Material Buffer), click the DUMP button to expel it. Note that you will lose that material.
    2. Place an Iron Ingot inside of the Primary Material Slot (red slot, left of the arrow). If the Metallurgic Infuser is receiving adequate power, it will begin "infusing" the Iron with Carbon, which results in Enriched Iron.
    3. With Carbon still in the Secondary Material Buffer, place the Enriched Iron in the Primary Material Slot. This will create Steel Dust.
    4. Smelt the Steel Dusts into Steel Ingots.
  3. Now you can begin expanding your power network so that you can power multiple machines at once. Craft a few Basic Universal Cables (made from 2 Steel Ingots and a piece of Redstone) and create a line of them trailing from your Heat Generator.

Your power network is now ready to accommodate many early-tier machines. If you find that your power needs become more demanding, you can try connecting a few more Heat Generators, some Solar Generators (or its much more expensive and efficient version, the Advanced Solar Generator), Wind Turbines (make sure that they are placed at high altitudes for maximum power), or other various generators that Mekanism has to offer. Remember that Mekanism machines can accept most forms of power from other mods (such as RF or MJ) as well as its own (Joules), so feel free to add other sources of power to your Mekanism power network.

Crafting machines

  1. Create Infused Alloy (the basis of all Mekanism Machines), which is made in a Metallurgic Infuser using Redstone as the secondary material and Iron Ingots as the primary material.
  2. Start crafting Steel Casings, which are crafting components used to create most Mekanism machines.
  3. You can now create some of the basic machines, such as the Enrichment Chamber, Energized Smelter, Precision Sawmill, and Crusher.
  4. After that, you can start to work on ore processing by upgrading the basic machines into Factories.
  5. Move on to tier 2 processing (tripling resource output) by adding the Purification Chamber and Electrolytic Separator.
    1. Also, you now have the option to create some additional tools and armor that are obsidian and glowstone-based by using the Osmium Compressor.
  6. Now, you can decide to either move on to further ore processing tiers (such as quadrupling and pentapuling ore yields) or play with the toys and gadgets that Mekanism has to offer, such as the Digital Miner (a configurable, complex machine which can mine blocks beneath itself) or the Atomic Disassembler (Mekanism's all-in-one mining tool, like the Paxel but instead of durability uses an electronic charge).
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