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Maxresdefault.jpg To get started in the Mekanism Tech Tree, there are options to go about it, such as if the player already has a stable Redstone Flux (RF) power network generation as Mekanism Machines can also use RF as its energy network; or the player would want to use Mekanism Generators to start a power network.

A. If the player opts to use Mekanism as the basis of the tech tree base here this is where it all begins

  1. Mekanism adds a new ore generation called Osmium Ore, they can be mined with Stone grade tools and above.
  2. Smelt the Osmium Ore to get Osmium Ingots, (If the player has a Pulverizer (TE) or a Grindstone (AE 2) then the player can turn the ore into dust then smelt it) using the Osmium Ingots craft a Metallurgic Infuser which can be powered with redstone. Or if the player wants to get a basic power network going they can first craft a Heat Generator (coal/passive heat generator). And then attach the Metallurgic infuser from the heat generator,
  3. To start expanding the power network the player can first craft a Basic Universal Cable (2 Steel and a piece of Redstone), and using the Metallurgic Infuser make Steel Ingots and Enriched Alloy (Basis of all Mekanism Machines).
  4. Start crafting Steel Casings
  5. Upon crafting the Steel Casings the player can now officially start with the Mekanism Tech Tree by making the basic machines such as the Enrichment Chamber, Energized Smelter, Sawmill, Crusher as the tier 1 tech tree processing.
  6. The player can now start to expand on the ore processing by upgrading the basic machines into factories. And then moving on to tier 2 processing (Tripling resource output) by adding the Purification Chamber and Electrolytic Separator into the mix.
  7. Also the player now has the option to make some additional tools and armor that are obsidian and glowstone based by using the Osmium Compressor.
  8. All that is left for the player to decide is either to move on to further ore processing tiers such as quadrupling and pentapuling ore yields or play with the toys and gadgets that Mekanism adds such as the Digital Miner, Atomic Disassembler (Mekanism all in one mining tool, think of it like the Paxel but only electronically charged).

B. If the player has an alternate power network or generation preferably Redstone Flux (RF)

  1. Start collecting Osmium Ores, grind and Smelt them to ingots
  2. Craft the Metallurgic Infuser
  3. Craft Tier 1 Mekanism Machines
  4. Attach them to the already existing power network
  5. Expand and Enjoy

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