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|B1 = Steel Ingot|B2 = Osmium Ingot|B3 = Steel Ingot
|B1 = Steel Ingot|B2 = Osmium Ingot|B3 = Steel Ingot
|C1 = |C2 = Steel Ingot|C3 =
|C1 = |C2 = Steel Ingot|C3 =
|Output = Turbine Casing}}
|Output = Turbine Casing, 4}}

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Turbine Casing
Turbine Casing.png
Turbine Casing





A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block



Turbine Casing is a pressure-resistant casing that is used in the creation of the Industrial Turbine multi block structure.

This block is the base building block in creating the Industrial Turbine. As the name suggests, the Turbine Casing is used in the outer most layer of the multi block structure.


Ingredients Crafting recipe

Steel Ingot +
Osmium Ingot

Steel Ingot
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Turbine Casing4
Steel Ingot Osmium Ingot Steel Ingot

Steel Ingot

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