Thermal Evaporation Plant

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The Thermal Evaporation Plant is a multiblock structure with the purpose of creating Brine (Saltwater). Brine is used for creating Sodium and Chloride in the Electrolytic Separator (Chlorine + Hydrogen → Hydrogen Chloride) or to create liquid lithium from Brine in a second Thermal Evaporation Plant.

The Thermal Evaporation Plant is 4 × 4 blocks large (x × z) and up to 18 blocks high with a minimum of 3 layers. It needs exactly one Thermal Evaporation Controller and usually at least two Thermal Evaporation Valves in order to work. It can run without power, powered by up to four Advanced Solar Generators (both during daytime) or an external heat source when connected to a Thermal Evaporation Valve. The output varies with the height, bigger is better.

To construct a Thermal Evaporation Plant, place a 4 × 4 square of Thermal Evaporation Blocks and build a wall up to the desired height (the middle stays hollow). The top layer may have Thermal Evaporation Blocks at the corners, but they prevent you from placing Advanced Solar Generators there.

Place the Thermal Evaporation Controller and the Thermal Evaporation Valves instead of Thermal Evaporation Blocks, but not at the edges of the plant. They may be at the bottom of the plant, but again not on the edges. If you place the Controller at the bottom layer, it's screen will not be visible. At the top layer instead of the corner blocks, place the Advanced Solar Panels if you have any. You can rotate them using the Configurator in Wrench mode.

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