Thermal Evaporation Plant

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Example builds of Salination Plants

The #comment-0_1-openSalination Plant is used to produce Brine, a critical component in the higher tier ore processing of Mekanism. It is a multi-block structure with a 4x4 base and a userdefinable height of 3 to 18.

Building the Salination Plant

    • Bottom layer (Base):

The Salination Plant has a flat 4x4 base consisting of Salination Blocks.

    • Middle layers:

Layers above the base are hollow (forming a "ring"), allowing space for the salination reaction to take place. These layers consist of a rim of Salination Blocks above the previous layer. Any number of layers can be added - the more layers, the higher the maximum temperature the Salination Plant can maintain, and in turn, the higher the Brine production rate. In the middle layers, there should be at least two Salination Valves to facilitate the input of water and Brine output.

    • Top layer:

The top layer is also ring-shaped. It consist of an Advanced Solar Generator in each corner, one Salination Controller and five Salination Blocks.

Using the Salination Plant


Salination Controller GUI

  1. Build button
  2. Water input
  3. Brine output
  4. Temperature (°F)

After building the Salination Plant's layers, click on the Salination Controller's Salination Plant button (1). It will register the multi-block structure.

The salination process uses energy from the Advanced Solar Generators to convert water (2) into Brine (3). Buckets can be placed inside the small square slots to input/output water/brine, or Mechanical Pipes (or similar devices) can be used.

    • Hint: The more layers the Salination Plant has, the higher the temperature that can be maintained. This results in a higher Brine production rate.

user definable

Crafting Recipe

Copper Ingot Copper Ingot Copper Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Salination Block
Copper Ingot Dynamic Tank Copper Ingot
Copper Ingot Copper Ingot Copper Ingot
Copper Ingot 32x32px Copper Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Salination Valve
Control Circuit Steel Casing Control Circuit
Copper Ingot Dynamic Valve Copper Ingot
Control Circuit Glass Pane Control Circuit Grid layout Arrow (small).png 32x32px
Steel Casing Copper Block Steel Casing
Control Circuit Glass Pane Control Circuit

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