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The Solar Evaporation Plant (previously known as the Salination Plant) is a multi-block structure used in the creation of Brine from water and Liquid Lithium from Brine. It has a 4x4 block base and a user-definable height of 3 to 18 blocks (not including the height added by the attached Advanced Solar Generators). Since it relies on the (mandatory) four Advanced Solar Generators attached to its top for power, it does not require an external power source.


Step Image Description
1 Step 1 Place a 4x4 base layer of Solar Evaporation Blocks down.
(Tip) Step 1 Keep in mind that later on, you need to place the Solar Evaporation Controller (the block that you use to access this structure's GUI) in the top layer of this structure, so if you are building a tall Solar Evaporation Plant, it might be useful to build it into the ground.
2 Step 2 Add a hollow "ring" of Solar Evaporation Blocks on top of the base.
3A Step 3A This step is optional. Stack additional ring layers of Solar Evaporation Blocks. Each layer you add will add to the structure's maximum temperature by 100K, the temperature determining the Brine/Liquid Lithium production rate. You can create up to 15 additional middle layers (not including the one built in the previous step).
3B Step 3B Remove at least two Solar Evaporation Blocks from the structure and replace them with Solar Evaporation Valves, three if you plan on creating Liquid Lithium (they can even be placed in the bottom base layer). Later on, you'll configure them so that one will accept water, one will output/accept Brine, and one will output Liquid Lithium.
4A Step 4A Place the four Advanced Solar Generators on the top layer, in each corner.
4B Step 4B Fill in the ring with more Solar Evaporation Blocks. You can leave a spot open for the upcoming Solar Evaporation Controller.
4C Step 4C Place the Solar Evaporation Controller.
Done Complete If you have Particles enabled, you should see red particles briefly appear around the structure, indicating that it has been properly constructed. You can also right-click the Solar Evaporation Controller and check its status.


You access the GUI of the Solar Evaporation Plant by right-clicking the plant's Solar Evaporation Controller.

Solar Evaporation Controller GUI
  • The meter on the far left indicates the amount of liquid that has been inputted into the structure. This is for Water (if you're creating Brine) or Brine (if you're creating Liquid Lithium).
  • The top left slot accepts buckets full of either Water or Brine to be stored in the liquid input buffer. The remaining empty bucket will appear in the slot below it.
  • The green LCD screen displays the machine's statuses.
    • Formed indicates the multi-block structure has been properly assembled; it will read "Incomplete" if not.
    • Height is the height of the structure from its top to bottom layer, not including the height added by the Advanced Solar Generators.
    • Mult is the multiplier that determines how quickly the temperature will raise. The algorithm behind this is Multiplier = biomeTemp x (activeSolars / 4) .
      • activeSolars is how many Advanced Solar Panels have sight of the sun. If half or more of the top of an Advanced Solar Panel's 9 block area cannot see the sun, it will no longer produce power, and therefore will not contribute to the plant's multiplier. Note that if activeSolars reaches 0, the plant will begin to lose its temperature at about 1K per second.
      • biomeTemp is the temperature of the biome that the structure is built in. Biomes have different temperatures, ranging from -0.5 to 2.0. Follow this link for more information.
    • Max is the maximum temperature that the Solar Evaporation Plant can achieve. Temperature determines how quickly this structure produces Brine or Liquid Lithium. The maximum potential temperature is proportional to the height of the plant (up to a height of 18), each additional layer adding 100K.
  • The multicolored progress bar indicates the Solar Evaporation Plant's current temperature. This will fill up at a certain rate (determined by the multiplier), up to a certain amount (determined by the maximum temperature).
  • The top right slot accepts empty buckets, which will fill up with Brine or Liquid Lithium from the output tank, putting the filled bucket in the slot below it.
  • The meter on the far right indicates the amount of Brine or Liquid Lithium that is being stored.

Piping Setup

To set up a basic configuration (using only items from Mekanism) to insert, extract, and store liquids with Mechanical Pipe, you will need the following:

Then, proceed to set up a liquid transport system as shown in the following images (click to expand):

  • A: Water transport system
  • B: Brine transport system
  • C: Liquid Lithium transport system

To create Brine, configure the pipe's business ends as shown in the first image. To create Liquid Lithium (you will have first needed to create a decent amount of Brine), first disable (use the Configurator to set to "None") the Water pipe's business end leading into the Solar Evaporation Plant and wait for the water to leak out of the system. Then, configure the business ends as shown in the second image.

(Pre Mekanism v8) Using the Salination Plant


Salination Controller GUI

  1. Build button
  2. Water input
  3. Brine output
  4. Temperature (°F)

After building the Salination Plant's layers, click on the Salination Controller's Salination Plant button (1). It will register the multi-block structure.

The salination process uses energy from the Advanced Solar Generators to convert water (2) into Brine (3). Buckets can be placed inside the small square slots to input/output water/brine, or Mechanical Pipes (or similar devices) can be used.


  • You can build/bury the plant into the ground and it will still function, so long as the Advanced Solar Generators have a clear path to the sky.
  • If you have the habit of processing large batches of ore at a time, it is recommended to use a sizable Dynamic Tank in between the Solar Evaporation Plant and your Electrolytic Separator.
  • If you have a mod pack that has computers, you can place the computer on any of the outside structure blocks and the computer will recognize it as a peripheral.

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