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==Crafting Recipe==
==Crafting Recipe==
{{empty section}}
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1 = Glass Pane|A2 = Redstone Dust|A3 = Osmium Ingot
|B1 = Glass Pane|B2 = Enriched Alloy|B3 = Osmium Ingot
|C1 = Glass Pane|C2 = Redstone Dust|C3 = Osmium Ingot
|Output = Solar Panel}}

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Solar Panel
Solar Panel.png
Solar Panel








The solar panel is a crafting material needed to craft Solar Generators and Advanced Solar Generators, even though its placable in the world it is outright useless unless for decoration.

Crafting Recipe

Glass Pane Glass Pane Glass Pane Grid layout Arrow (small).png Solar Panel
32x32px Enriched Alloy 32x32px
Osmium Ingot Osmium Ingot Osmium Ingot

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