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|mod = Mekanism
|mod = Mekanism
|type = Power Generator
|type = Power Generator
|power=60 J/t

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Solar Generator
Solar Generator.png
Solar Generator



Power Generator






60 J/t

The Solar Generator harnesses sunlight to create power.

While active, it will output 1200 J/sec (60 J/t) through the bottom of the panel base. It has a small 96 kJ internal power buffer. This Solar Generator's low output limits its usefulness, but that isn't the case with its larger cousin, the Advanced Solar Generator.

User Interface

Solar Generator Interface

  1. Sun up/Sun down indicator
  2. Information display: Storage level, Sun exposure true/false, Maximum output from the energy buffer
  3. Place an item here to charge the item.
  4. Visual energy storage indicator

Crafting Recipe

Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel Grid layout Arrow (small).png Solar Generator
Enriched Alloy Iron Ingot Enriched Alloy
Osmium Dust Energy Tablet Osmium Dust

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