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Scuba Tank
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The Scuba Tank is a piece of equipment worn on the backpack (the chest armor slot) that provides underwater respiration when a Gas Mask is worn (on the helmet armor slot). Like the Jetpack, The Scuba Tank must be filled with Oxygen gas in order to function.


When you first put on the Scuba Tank, its oxygen supply will be turned off. In order to use it underwater you must turn it on by using the Switch Armor Mode button (Default F). Also, you must have the Gas Mask equipped in the helmet armor slot or you won't be able to breathe and will start to drown.

Tips and Trivia

  • Any potion effect will instantly stop once you equip the Gas Mask and turn on the oxygen supply.
  • Be sure to turn the oxygen supply OFF when you are above surface, otherwise you'll waste oxygen.
  • Leave the oxygen supply on while underwater. You can't cheat to conserve oxygen by turning it on and off, because the oxygen will be consumed faster to refill the breath meter.
  • The Scuba Tank will not work in Airless dimensions in some other mods, such as the outer space dimensions in Galacticraft (Moon, Mars, etc.).
  • You can apply enchantments to the Gas Mask using an anvil to make your underwater ventures more comfortable.

Crafting Recipe

Basic Control Circuit
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Scuba Tank
Enriched Alloy
Enriched Alloy
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Steel Ingot

Top picture : Front View of Scuba Tank
Bottom picture : Rear view of Scuba Tank

Differently from Jetpack, you can't upgrade Scuba Tank to a armored version of the thing, like the Armored Jetpack.

Scuba Tank can only be filled with Oxygen.

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