Rotary Condensentrator

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Rotary Condensentrator
Rotary Condensentrator.png
Rotary Condensentrator



Solid Block





The Rotary Condensentrator is used for converting substances between liquid and gaseous forms. depending on its mode which you have Decondentrating which turns Liquids into Gas and Condentrating mode which turns Gas into Dynamic Tank storable fluid.

Such as in Decondensentrating mode

  • Water = Water Vapor
  • Liquid Sulfuric Acid = Sulfuric Acid
  • Liquid Hydrogen Chloride = Hydrogen Chloride
  • Liquid Oxygen = Oxygen
  • Liquid Hydrogen = Hydrogen
  • Liquid Chlorine = Chlorine
  • Liquid Sulfur Dioxide = Sulfur Dioxide
  • Liquid Sulfur Trioxide = Sulfur Trioxide


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